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Get the best short term lease deals

Get the best short term lease deals

The cost of owning a car is high, A short term lease deals is a convenient solution that allows you to have a vehicle to meet your needs and daily requirements for a specific time starting from a few months to 2 years. With mashaweer car rental you can have the ideal car on hand without the hassles of car ownership.

short term lease deals with insurance

Heading to Dubai soon? Whether you are traveling to Dubai for a business commitment or to settle in the city, monthly car lease dubai is a great option if you want to avoid the long-term commitment of a traditional lease or car ownership, with monthly leasing, you can lease a car for a shorter period, usually a month, and you can renew the lease upon your need extending for 24 months.

Are you ready for a riveting driving experience? then, look no further, mashaweer car rental provides you with the most flexible rental plans, as a leading car and suv rental company in the UAE will help you to customize your rental plan with best long term car rental rates, we help you to meet your short-term leasing requirements whether you are looking to rent for your personal use, or even as a business owner.

Benefits of Short-Term Car Leasing

No doubt that short term lease deals in Dubai represent plenty of benefits for both business and personal use, as the following:

  • Cost-effectiveness: When you make a short-term car lease, payments are usually 
  • much lower, unlike longer plans or owning a car outright.
  • Pre-fixed monthly payments: Pre-fixed monthly payments help you set and manage your budget better.
  • More flexible: No long-term commitment, you can extend your lease upon your need, which offers great flexibility.
  • No maintenance costs: Car rental corporations always provide free maintenance, which means you won’t have to worry about unexpected repair costs.
  • More chances to upgrade: car hire per month makes it easy to upgrade to the latest cars, you just return your current car and lease a new one.
    At mashaweer car rental we provide the most flexible rentalcars uae packages, contact us and customize your lease plan now.

Basic Documents Needed to Rent a Car in UAE

Are you a UAE resident or heading to the country soon? The best way to get around the country is by car, whether you rent a car dubai per day, or for short term lease deals, there are required documents to present to the leasing company before getting behind the wheel.

To get started, you must find the best car lease packages, set your rental plan, and then submit the necessary documents as follows:

First thing first UAE residents, will be required to present.

a valid UAE driving license and an ID card to rent a car. expats are also required to produce copies of their passports and residential visas.

UAE visitors, on the other hand, are required to present the following documents:

  • Original passport.
  • Original visit visa.
  • Driving license from their home country / or International Driving Permit (IDP) if required.

Buying or Renting a Car in Dubai: What Option Suits You Best?

Dubai is one of the busiest destinations, whether you are a visitor or a resident, things are much easier with a car.

Renting a car is ideal for the short term, googling for “cheap rental cars near my location” or ” rent a car near me for a day  will lead you to plenty of good options.

On the other hand, if you have to stay in the city for a long time, you may consider owning a car.  

Both renting and buying a car have their pros and cons, when you rent a car for instance, you don’t have any long-term commitment or have to worry about maintenance and repairs, as the rental company always provides insurance over their rental cars, while buying a car means you commit maintenance but you don’t have to worry about mileage restrictions, as you have ultimate control over the vehicle to your convenience. 

Discover our car rental and leasing offers in Dubai and across the UAE

Renting a car in Dubai is a cost-friendly option that offers convenience and flexibility, especially when compared to other transportation means in the city. 

rent a car online dubai gives you access to a wide range of vehicles, ensuring you find the right one for your needs and budget. 

At mashaweer car rental you’ll find an array range of different car models, with different rental plans, whether you are going short term lease deals or long-term leases, our team is here to help you customize and plan your rental service, with competitive prices and cheap contract hire deals, check our offers on lease plans starting from one day.

With suitable prices and proper service, renting a car in Dubai is a flexible and hassle-free experience that allows you to advent around the city and its surroundings in your style and at your own pace.


Everything is much easier with a car, A short term lease deals makes it easy. it is not only about convenience and flexibility, but it is also a cost-friendly solution that allows you to have a vehicle to meet your needs for an agreed duration, after it ends, you can extend, upgrade the car model, or return the car to the leasing company.

But before you lease a car in the UAE you should consider some requirements and documents you need to hand first, make sure to know all the requirements from the corporation, and prepare it beforehand to avoid any hassle. 

If you are looking to lease or rent a car, look no further, mashaweer car rental is a reliable leasing corporation in the UAE, and our team is glad to answer your inquiries 24/7, don’t miss our discount long term car rental contact us now.


What is the shortest lease term?

A short term lease deals is a contract that allows the leaser to use a vehicle for two years or less upon agreement, short-term car leases tend to last only a few months, a minimum of 24 months.

What is the best family car to lease?

Leasing a car is a perfect option for family trips and adventures, and when it comes to reliable family vehicles, suv rental is the best option, with safety features and sebaceous space for a growing family, makes it great for family trips.

Do you need Emirates ID to rent a car?

With the aim of rent a car online dubai UAE residents are required to present an ID card and driver’s license. Visitors must bring along their passport, tourist visa, and driving license or an International Driving Permit.

Is it cheaper to rent or buy car in Dubai?

In Dubai, there are options to suit everyone. Many rental companies offer cheap contract hire deals. Leasing a car might be cheaper if you plan to use it for the short term, but if you are planning to rent for a long time, buying a car seems to be more cost-effective.

Is it worth leasing a car in Dubai?

Leasing a car in Dubai has become so popular and in demand lately, people tend to lease a car to enjoy the benefits of driving a new car without the commitment of buying one. monthly car lease dubai could be a worthy option if you are staying in the city for business purposes.

What is the biggest advantage to leasing a car?

Leasing a car is not only about convenience and flexibility, but it is also a cost-friendly option, when a person leases a car he is paying lower monthly payments than getting a loan to purchase the car. Contact us and get the best discount long term car rental.

Is it smarter to buy or lease?

In the short term, it is a smart option to lease a car for the required duration, and you can extend the when the lease period ends or upgrade to another car model, car leasing is perfect for people who want to drive a brand new car betweenwhiles.

At mashaweer car rental we provide flexible rental plans starting from one day.

Your ride, your style, customize your rental plan now!

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