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best long term car rental company in UAE

best long term car rental company

Long-term car rental in the UAE is a cost-friendly option compared to short-term rentals, by choosing the best long term car rental company you can save money while still enjoying the convenience of driving your own car, whether you are looking for a luxury car or an economy car mashaweer rental car offers you a wide range of vehicles to choose your favorite one from.


Renting a long-term car in such a city as Dubai allows you to save your budget for other aspects of your journey while enjoying the privilege of driving your favorite car and exploring the city without the hassle of getting a loan to own a car.

The enthralling city of Dubai will never fail to amaze you, rent your car dubai and enjoy exploring Dubai’s popular destinations such as Burj Khalifa “ the world’s tallest tower”, Dubai Miracle Garden, Global Village, Dubai Safari Park, Dubai Museum, Palm Jumeirah, and Jumeirah Public Beach, you can also have a breathtaking experience in the desert landscapes and the stunning coastal areas.

Once you choose the rent the car company and start exploring the city with your rental car you’ll have unforgettable adventures and memories. You can count on our car rental options when it comes to long-term car rental while visiting Dubai.

best long term car rental company

When you plan to rent a car for a long term in the United Arab Emirates, you will have an abundance of options for renting companies to choose from, It is advised to do elaborate research and compare different renting corporates, you can do this online through comparison websites or simply based on your demands and needs in the car, agreement or rental duration until you finally find the best long term car rental company in the UAE. When you rent a car for a month, a few weeks, or even years on mashaweer rental car you can book confidently knowing that you’ll receive the best rental services, whether you need a car to spend your vacation in the United Arab Emirates or have a seasonal job we have got you covered! Go ahead and explore our rental options today.

Long-Term Car Rental Cost

Long-term car rental is a reliable way to drive a car all over the United Arab Emirates without breaking the bank

Long-term car rentals vary from one leasing company to another, based on several factors such as car brand and model, duration of the lease/rent, and any additional services you may require in your vehicle.

Monthly car rental costs cover the standard mileage limit, costs also including insurance according to Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) regulations.

When it comes to car rentals in the UAE, there are plenty of options that meet any preference, from economy compact cars, SUVs, sports cars, and even Luxury cars, there is a car for every occasion and style that meets every budget, In general terms car rentals cost ranges from 1000 AED for economy cars, to 10,000 AED for Luxury cars, note that pricing might change depending on season.

The best solution when moving to the UAE, a long business trip or vacation

Travelling to UAE? You don’t need to worry about the hassle of getting a new car and having to resell it again when your trip is over, whether you are having a long business trip, or are on vacation, a car rental is your best solution during your staycation.

When you decide to lease a car, the first and most essential step is to conduct some research for a credible leasing company until finding the best long term car rental company.

You can choose the lease period upon your needs and time, you can lease a car for a few months, 1 or 2 years, or even more, or you can rent a car by day.

Car rental companies in the UAE offer various options of car types, such as luxury, economy, SUV, and sports cars, mashaweer rental car provides the most convenient and affordable cars in UAE.

Why People Are Excited About On-Demand Car Leases & Rentals in UAE

In such a country as the UAE with a lot of visitors and expatriates leasing a car is a great option to enjoy the benefits of driving a new car without the commitment of buying one, most people now are switching to car rental and leasing as owning a car is becoming more expensive by the year, even the used ones.

In recent years, the concept of on-demand car lease has become a more desirable option with all the services provided by leasing companies such as saving money, insurance, and coverage options and one of the best is the digital service that allows customers to choose a car from the categories of rental cars and lease the vehicle online in minutes and receive the car at their doorstep, save time and enjoy the doorstep delivery and pick-up options provided by us and enjoy the best long term rental car deals

The optimal solution for business

long-term leasing is considered one of the most optimal solutions for fleets for corporations in the UAE and all over the globe. 

be rent car rental through rental companies for corporates is the best solution for fleet acquisition, here are some benefits of business corporate leasing:

  • Less risk
  • When you lease your company vehicles, all vehicle-related risks are transferred to the leasing company, which takes all damage risks insurance.
  • Time efficiency
  • Leasing is a time-efficient solution, If you don’t require a vehicle for the long-term for your business,
  • Less cost
  • A business lease is usually a cheaper option than a personal lease. This is because of the available VAT breaks.
  • Warranty
  • When you lease a vehicle, the leasing company is required to take care of any maintenance, rather than when you own it, you will have to maintain it regularly.
  • Upgrading the vehicle
  • With car leases, you can regularly upgrade the car model to a newer one, which looks good for your business image, without taking the hassle of selling the car.

Is a Long-Term Car Rental or Lease Better?

If you are looking forward to driving a new car without buying it, you might consider long-term car rental or leasing, but you need to know first that the decision between them is crucial, there are various aspects for each option as the following:

  • Duration:
  • Leasing is known to be longer than other options, starting from a year, while long-term rental is a flexible contract to fit your needs, rangers between a month and could extend for several years.
  • Suitability:
  • Based on the mentioned duration, leasing is more suitable for settled people who don’t want to buy a car, while long-term is more likely to fit employees or expatriates who have to change their location for a while
  • Cost
  • Leasing seems to be cheaper than a long-term rental, depending on the length of the rental, as more, the duration is longer the more it pays off financially


To wrap up, long-term car rental in the UAE is a cost-friendly option compared to lease, or short-term rentals, it is the best option when you want to save money while still enjoying the convenience of driving your car, making it easy and convenient to explore and advent in the dazzling city of Dubai and all over the UAE. 

In the country of UAE, there is an abundance of options for car rental companies to choose from, it is advised to compare prices and services to more than one company until you find the best rental deals and offers on your demanded car.

Leasing is not only for individuals, it may be the optimal solution for your business, with less risk and affordable costs, Lastly, if you are looking for a budget-friendly monthly car rental in UAE, check our rental packages on the latest cars.


Which major car rental company is the best?

In the UAE there are plenty of car rental companies, like Mashaweer rental car that provide the best deals on car rental.

Is it worth leasing a car in Dubai?

Leasing a car in Dubai is a great way to hit the road without the commitment of buying a new car.

Why is renting a car better than leasing?

Renting is more speed, flexible, and more suitable for vacations and people who have to change their location for a while.

How long can you rent a car in Dubai?

Car rental length can vary from one corporation to another, it could start from 1 day and extended to a year.

Do you need a UAE license to rent a car?

If you are a UAE resident you must present your Emirates ID and license, for visitors, must present their passports.

Choose the right car and hit the road, Book now.

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