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The best discount long term car rental in Dubai

The best discount long term car rental in Dubai

Long-term car rental is an ideal option in a city like Dubai where are a high expat population, get a discount long term car rental in Dubai, and drive in confidence with your car rental. Whether you are a visitor or a resident, mashaweer car rental provides the best deals on long-term car rentals in Dubai and all over the UAE.

Best discount long term car rental in Dubai

Long-term car rental is a cost-effective and low-risk alternative to car purchases in Dubai. 

Car loan payments will usually be higher and more expensive than lease payments, and the qualification for lease payments is more flexible and easy, long-term car rental in the UAE is a good way to save money while experiencing the freedom of driving your rental car.

If you are a UAE resident or planning to visit the country soon, you can check long-term car rental options online before traveling to prepare the needed documents and to get the best deals, check for monthly car rental dubai prices from different leasing corporates and compare them until you get the best offer and discount long term car rental If you are a resident of Dubai searching for hire rental car near me and luxury convertible rentals near me will lead to convenient results.


From desert adventures, and stunning beaches to historical places and traditional shops, Dubai has it all. Dubai has become one of the top destinations in the Middle East and offers a thrilling experience for visitors from all around the world, whether you’re planning to visit in the summer or in the winter, the mesmerized city will never fail to impress you.

long-term car rental in such a city, allows you to save time and money for other aspects of your trip, navigating the city with a car also gives you easy access to some places that regular transportation may not reach

As one of the best long term car rental company in the UAE, mashaweer car rental provides you with the best long term car rental discount Enhance your Dubai experience and check out our latest luxury car rental services.

Important Things to Know Before Booking Monthly Car Rental

If you are looking forward to renting a car in Dubai, there are important things to know first, to boost your trip to Dubai:

  1. Driving outside the UAE, It is strictly forbidden to drive a rental car outside the country. 
  2. Requirements: to rent a car in Dubai, you need to present all the required documents, if you are a visitor you need to present a Visit Visa, Passport, Driving license from your home country, or an International driving permit.
  3. Insurance policy: check the included details of the policy of the rental companies to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
  4. Security deposits: when you are renting a car from a rental company in the UAE,  you’ll need to pay a certain amount of security deposit in advance.
  5. Minimum driving age, rent a car 21 years old is the minimum allowed age to drive and rent a car in the UAE.

Now you learned about these points, we wish you a safe drive and an enjoyable staycation in Dubai.

Looking for a long-term car rental or just arrived in the UAE?

The UAE is a country with a lot of visitors and tourists, renting a car is a great option to move around the country in a manner that saves time and cost, for visitors and residents as well. Long-term car rental in the UAE is a cost-friendly option compared to other rental options or transportation, by choosing the Best long term car rental options you can save money while still enjoying driving your car.

 If you just arrived in the UAE, for a business trip, you may consider booking a luxury car, you can check supercars on rent in dubai or rent of lamborghini in dubai.

If you are visiting the UAE to spend your vacation with your family or friends it is ideal to go for van hire ras al khaimah.

When considering car rental in the UAE, mashaweer car rental provides the best discount long term car rental.

Why People Are Interested in On-Demand Car Leases & Rentals in UAE

Nowadays, the concept of on-demand car leases and rentals has become a desirable option in the UAE, with all the services provided by leasing companies, such as cost-effectiveness, insurance, maintenance, and coverage options, digital services that save time and effort and one of the biggest benefits is that you don’t have to pay a large down payment as leasing a car requires a small down payment monthly.

There are plenty of rental car corporates in UAE that give you a variety to choose from and compare the prices to find what suits your budget and requirements.

mashaweer car rental provides the Best long term car rental options in the UAE, besides the discount long term car rental, Mashaweer provides the best services and prices on Luxury car rentals all over the UAE, check out mercedes monthly rental and mustang on rent in dubai.

Car Rental: The optimal solution when moving to the UAE, on a long business trip, or vacation

Planning your next vacation to the UAE? or have an upcoming business trip to the country?  You don’t need to carry the hassle of transportation, whether you are having a long business trip, or are on vacation, a car rental is the optimal solution during your visit to the UAE.

Car rental could be done on a daily, monthly, or even yearly basis, the agreement could customized according to the lessee’s needs in the duration or any other requirements and the cost varies depending on the car type and the rental company, for instance, lamborghini huracan rental dubai rental prices could start from 3250 AED, while sports range rover rental dubai 2023 prices starting from 1900 AED, it is advised to check prices and required documentation online before your trip to the UAE to pick the most convenient options that suites your needs and makes the most of your trip.

Tips for a Cheap Long-Term Car Rental in UAE

Long-term rental cars uae downtown have become an increasingly on-demand option for both residents and tourists of the UAE. 

Among the wide-range options of rental corporates, the major concern is to find a reliable as well as affordable rental deal. Here are a few tips for a cheap Long-Term rental in the UAE:

  • Determine your budget first
  • Search for local options
  • Compare options and offers from different rentals
  • Try to rent on weekdays, and off-season for less rate
  • Early birds, can save time and money, follow up to catch any offers

However, rental companies offer some more offers to people who go for long-term rent, such as low deposits, Insurance, and service, making a deep search is crucial before doing a rent, it is advisable to search you demanded car to find all the offers like range rover rental dubai, abu dhabi supercars, lamborghini urus rental dubai and filter the results until you find the suitable offer.


Long-term car rentals have become an increasingly demanded option for both UAE residents and visitors, so they don’t have to carry the hassle of getting a new car and having to resell it again.

Long-term car rental represents a lot of advantages, with low costs and less risk, it is an optimal option for vacations and business trips, making it easy and accessible for places that transportation can’t reach, and gives you the freedom to go anywhere anytime, giving you more time to focus on your business and make the best of your trip.

As long-term rental represents many advantages, there are tips to consider before going for a car rental, it is advised to search online and compare various options to get the best deal, Lastly, if you are looking for a budget-friendly long-term car rental in UAE, check our rental packages on the latest cars.


Where can I long-term lease a car in Dubai?

In the UAE, there are plenty of car rental companies, especially in Dubai. When it comes to long-term car rental in the UAE you can always count mashaweer car rental our booking process is easy and our prices are competitive.

Is it better to rent monthly or yearly in Dubai?

Choosing between monthly and yearly car rent depends on your needs and requirements in the rent, If you are planning to settle in Dubai, a yearly car rental may be more suitable for you, however, a monthly car rental is an ideal solution if you are visiting the city temporarily.

Can I rent in Dubai without residency?

Dubai visitors can rent without a residency, as they have a valid driving permit and passport and other required documents, and rent a car 21 years old is the of driving in the UAE.

What makes a good car rental?

Here are 5 Characteristics of a good car rental corporate:

  • Cost-Effective Rentals.
  • Smooth customer services.
  • Discounts and offers, such discount long term car rental.
  • Proper Vehicle Maintenance.
  • Convenient pick-up and delivery options.

Is it worth leasing a car in Dubai?

Leasing a car in Dubai is one of the greatest ways to enjoy the benefits of driving a new car without the commitment of buying one, with all the services provided by leasing companies, such as cost-effectiveness, insurance, and coverage options, and all of the benefits that save time and effort.

How does car lease work in UAE?

A car lease is happening by an agreement between two parties known as the lessor and lessee, leasing a car can be done on a monthly or yearly basis according to the lessee’s needs, and monthly car rental dubai prices vary from one lessor to another.

Don’t miss the higher discounts and go for long-term rent now!

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