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hire a luxury car for a day at a competitive price in Dubai

hire a luxury car for a day at a competitive price in Dubai

Dubai is the land of the lavish, and highways are packed with fancy and luxury vehicles, hire a luxury car for a day in Dubai is a great way to drive your dream car. Whether on holiday or as a UAE resident, mashaweer car rental offers the utmost flexibility and convenience. In this article, we’ve highlighted some benefits of renting a luxury car for a day.

Benefits of hire a luxury car for a day on occasion

rent expensive cars for a day to an occasion show that you are putting effort into making a special occasion and unforgettable memories. You will feel extremely confident when you drive a stylish and luxurious car and you’ll turn heads at your special events, here are some events when renting a luxury car is an excellent idea:

  • Birthday Celebration: Renting a luxury car for someone’s birthday is the best way to treat them on their day
  • Weddings: Arriving at your venue in a stylish car allows you to make an entrance that will turn heads.
  • Business events: As the best ride happens when you are comfortable, hire a luxury car for a day with a driver will give you comfort and time to relax or focus on your business.

car rental how much per day? Our services provide you with a luxurious experience at affordable prices starting from AED 120 per day mashaweer car rental offers the highest levels of flexibility.

How To Rent A Luxury Car In Dubai?

Nothing is easier than renting a luxury car in Dubai, there are plenty of car rental corporations that provide a wide range of rental options in Dubai and all over the Emirates. It is recommended to compare prices and services provided by car rental corporations to find the option that suits your requirements and budget. 

If you’re tired of endlessly searching for a “car rental near me long term“ or “lamborghini rental near me”, you’ve come to the right place.

 mashaweer car rental is a leading car rental corporation in Dubai, offering a wide range of luxury cars for rental at affordable prices.

Our fleet provides a wide range of vehicles, suitable for both tourists and residents who are seeking short or long-term car rentals. With our rental services, ensure that you’ll find the cheapest rental cars at the best prices.

Top Tips for Hiring a Luxury Car for a Day in Dubai

Dubai is a dazzling city in the UAE, famous for its Skyscrapers, huge shopping centers, and luxurious lifestyle. Dubai visitors love to experience the beauty of the city while driving a fancy car. Imagine driving on Dubai roads in a sleek Lamborghini or a stylish Range Rover! If you’ve ever thought about this, the following points give you the main tips for renting luxury cars in Dubai for the ultimate experience:

  1. Research and choose a renowned rental company
  2. Pre-book your car, there is a high demand to hire a luxury car for a day to avoid missing your dream rental car, it is advised to book it beforehand.
  3. Consider age-limit requirements, you should be +21 years old to rent a car in Dubai.
  4. Check the requirements to rent a car in dubai and have them in hand.
  5. Prepare your car rental cash deposit if required from the rental corporation.
  6. Check the car thoroughly right after receiving it.

Top 5 Luxury Cars to Rent in Dubai - available in our fleet

The following list presents the top 5 most Luxury car brands in Dubai for 2024, These vehicles are more than just means of transportation; they reflect a lifestyle and the advanced innovations in the automotive world. 

  1. Lamborghini Urus: The design, performance, and driving dynamics, of The Ursus are all about a performance mindset that brings together fun-to-drive and spectacular vehicle capabilities.
  2. Range Rover Vogue: range rover rental abu dhabi is the most in demand, It’s not just a car, an SUV that gives you a luxury feel as long as super comfortable.
  3. Mercedes’s: Iconic features as well as unparalleled appearance to this day. g63 rental dubai A luxury SUV that redefines the luxury experience in the most exciting way possible.
  4. Ford Mustang: A stylish powerful, and sporty, it’s the most exhilarating, adrenaline-driven vehicle, yet comfortable and perfect for long road trips.
  5. Chevrolet: A car that combines performance and style chevrolet rental is in demand in the UAE as it is designed to deliver high performance, speed, agility, and adaptability.

Abu Dhabi | Luxury & Sports Car Rental in the UAE

Sports cars are always in demand due to the individuality of these vehicles on the road, and the extraordinary driving experience it presents.

Renting a sports car such as range rover rental abu dhabi is a means to add invigoration for friend group trips, as it is famous for vacations, weekend trips or just hitting the road, whether it’s the status of luxury sports car brands or the thrill of speed, sports cars combine luxury, performance, and style.

Luxury car rental is growing so fast in the UAE, luxury car rental ajman and Abu Dhabi have become so in demand due to the diverse tourist attraction centers, at mashaweer car rental we provide various renting options for sports & luxury car rental plans all over the UAE, you can go for one-day rental or more due to your needs.

Luxury Car Rental Dubai - Exotic & Premium Cars

There is no doubt that the UAE is a hotspot for exotic and premium automobiles. 

Luxury and exotic cars are two different types of vehicles. Luxury cars are designed to provide a convenient yet fancy driving experience, while exotic cars are designed for speed and performance.

Explore the lavishness of Dubai with your luxury car rental like Lamborghini is unparalleled, rent a lamborghini in dubai price is competitive in our fleet, or experience freedom when convertible car rental dubai for an enthralling driving experience with the most affordable prices starting from 400 AED per day, whether you want to rent a car for an event or just to advent around the city, we provide multiple choices of different car categories to hire a car in Dubai of your preference and choice of duration starting from daily or monthly car rental uae.


Renting a luxury car in Dubai and all over the UAE is not just a means of transportation, it’s about experiencing the roads in style and luxury.

There is a high demand for renting a car for a day in the UAE, due to the large population and the number of tourists visiting the country every year, who want to experience the city while driving a fancy car, hire a luxury car for a day is the ultimate solution if you want to experience driving your dream car with huge commitment, Our fleet includes various renting options for sports & luxury car rental all over the UAE.

By following the mentioned guidelines in this article, you can ensure a smooth and flexible renting process and an enjoyable journey through the dazzling streets of Dubai.

Stay tuned for more rental tips and guides on exploring the world’s most luxurious destinations.


How much is it to rent a Lambo for a day in Dubai?

rent a lamborghini in dubai price average rental price is 3250 AED per day. This car’s interior is customized with a range of high-quality finishes, Lamborghini Huracan EVO Convertible and Urus are available in our fleet with full insurance and Free Pick-Up & Delivery services.

What is the most luxurious car in Dubai?

Dubai is a dazzling city, famous for its luxurious lifestyle in everything, especially cars, among the most luxurious cars in the city are Lamborghini, Range Rover, Mercedes, Ford Mustang, and Chevrolet Mercedes, and more are available in our fleet for daily and monthly car rental uae.

How much does it cost to rent a luxury car in Dubai?

The cost of hiring a luxury car in Dubai varies depending on the length of rentals as well as the car model, it generally ranges between AED 120 to AED 3250 per day in the mashaweer car rental fleet. 5% VAT is additional.

How much is it to rent a sports car in Dubai?

The average rental cost for a sports car in Dubai for a day is 700 AED. Our fleet provides a wide range of Sports cars, you can choose from a variety of models, including Lamborghini, Range Rover, Ford, and chevrolet rental.

Can we rent supercars in Dubai?

If you are +21 years old and have an eligible driving license, you can rent a supercar in Dubai. Whether you’re looking for high-end supercar hire such as Lamborghini, or luxury SUVs such as Mercedes g63 rental dubai, we’ve got you covered.

Can you drive a rental car from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

Traveling between cities depends on the rental corporation’s policy. but the most common among rental corporations is the allowance of traveling outside of the emirate, but only within the UAE. Make sure with the rental company before making your booking to be on the safe side.

Experience driving your dream car for a day, Book Now!

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