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Best lease deals on luxury cars

Best lease deals on luxury cars

Best lease deals on luxury cars when you are In a city like Dubai, where most of the residents are immigrants from various countries, It’s natural to notice the persistent need for a car to easily transfer from one place to another in such a large city, and during the high cost of buying a new car and the fact that they may need to sell it again when they decide to leave the city, Mashaweer Rental Car leasing cars as a relieving option. In this article, we will explore some core topics regarding car leasing. I encourage you to keep reading.

What is leasing a car?

Leasing cars is a hassle-free procedure for anyone living in Dubai, especially those who are not long-term residents. What we mean by car leasing is a contract that enables you to use a car of your choice for an agreed-upon period. The duration of the lease deal can be determined according to your needs; you can pick a luxury car rental Dubai per day, or you can go for 1 year, 2 years, or long-term luxury car rental Dubai. There’s a common misconception that leasing cars is the same as renting cars, but there is a core difference between car leasing and car rental, which is the period. Car rentals are short-term, extending for hours, days, weeks, or a few months. Meanwhile, car leasing is long-term, it can span for years. However, once you decide on the car and the duration, you’re a few steps away from having the car you desire.

Basics Of Leasing a Luxury Car

In Dubai, there are several agencies for car leasing, like Mashaweer rental car. Each office offers deals of its own, yet there are some general guidelines for leasing cars in Dubai. To lease a car in Dubai, there are some requirements, documents, and procedures you need to be aware of. The basic documents you need to show are your proof of residence, passport, credit card, and UAE driving license or other international driving license. If you still haven’t gotten a residence visa, you don’t have to worry; you can lease a car with just your UAE entry visa. Besides the documents, it may be required that you pay a deposit for the car before you get behind the wheel. The deposit you pay beforehand covers the lease cost, maintenance, registration charges, and insurance. You would only worry about the fuel cost after having the car.

The best lease deals on luxury cars

With Mashaweer rental car you can relax and enjoy the ride while our experienced driver takes care of your ride. We offer door-to-door services with competitive prices for hourly, daily, and package deals.

The best luxury cars available for car leasing

The atmosphere of Dubai radiates luxury and refinement. It is no wonder that it has a wide range of luxurious top-end cars available for rent that meet every taste. From durable Japanese cars and road-prowess American vehicles to the sophisticated design of European car manufacturing, you’ll find the car that will satisfy your inner passions. Here are some picks for you to consider:

  1. Mercedes Benz: Not only in Dubai, but Mercedes is also popular worldwide for its superior engineering, advanced technology, and, of course, its unquestionable style and sophistication that gives you an instant rank on the road.
  2. Ferrari: It’s a common association when you hear Ferrari, thinking of its historical position as a motorsport vehicle. Ferarri is renowned for its speed, racing capabilities, and unique sporty design. It took its reputation from the exceptional driving experience it offers.
  3. BMW: BMW stands alone from the competition. It built its long-inherited reputation for its brilliant combination of performance, driving experience, and innovative technology, along with the remarkable iconic design that exudes luxury and style.

Those were a few of the top luxury cars that are popular leasing selects. Other options that also exist on the list include: the Italian powerful Lamborghini, the prestigious Rolls-Royce, and Bentley, Mclarens, Audi, and the American Chevrolet and Ford

Is it better to buy or lease a luxury car?

Is it better to buy or lease a luxury car

It’s a frequently thought of question: is leasing a car a wiser choice than buying one? The answer depends on some givens. One of them is how long you are willing to stick to leasing. When we compare the cost of a lease for two years with buying, it appears that leasing is more cost-effective, yet this varies with the type of car. Generally, leasing is less costly. Another aspect to think of is the type of car you’re willing to ride. One benefit of Best Lease deals on luxury cars is that it offers you a wide variety of cars to choose from; at the end of each lease period, you can ask to change the entire car for another one or simply get the same car in a different color, something that’s isn’t an easy-peasy option if you buy a car. Although there is no right answer for all, both choices have their pros and cons. Take some time to weigh the two options and your needs to decide what best suits you.

Leasing a brand-new car rather than buying one outright can open your window to a whole new world of vehicles.

Reasons to Consider Leasing a Luxury Vehicle

We previously discussed some benefits of car leasing over buying. Here, we will further present additional perks of luxury car rental Dubai per day or more:

  1. Depreciation rate: Luxury cars have a high depreciation rate, which is why leasing is considered more cost-effective in the long run, carrying away the burden of selling. 
  2. Lastest Models: Leasing grants you the advantage of driving the latest models; once your leasing period ends, you can always check for the most recent models with upgraded technology and luxury features to consider for your next lease period.
  3. The convenience of warranty covering and maintenance: The convenience leasing offers is another gain to account. Most lease deals cover periodic maintenance, which gives you peace of mind and hassle-free driving.
  4. High-end luxury cars: Leasing can open the door for a variety of top-line luxury cars that are affordable at cheap car rental Dubai per day/ per month or year-round deals. Considering the high cost of buying a luxury car, it is deemed worthy to consider leasing.

Now that you have these benefits of leasing in mind, you can start to explore your lease opportunities immediately.

Features of Luxury Cars

  • Comfortable seats 
  • Climate control features
  • Leather Interior
  • Temperature Controlled Seats
  • Massaging seats 
  • plug-in mini fridge
  • Electric Blinds
  • Cinema Quality Media 
  • Complete autonomous parking
  • Safe storage
  •  Air balancing

Benefits of Luxury Vehicles

There are a lot of benefits of having a luxury car as driving assistants which are commonly found in luxury vehicles, maintenance package options and 24/7 roadside assistance, and last but not least having silent cabins that make you feel an extremely calm, relaxing ride, even at the rush hour.


Renting a car is mandatory to transfer from one place to another in such a large city like Dubai. With the high cost of buying a new car and the fact that they may need to sell it again when they decide to leave the city, Mashaweer Rental Car leasing cars as a relieving option.


How much does it cost to lease a car in Dubai?

As per the market, the packages for renting an average-sized sedan start from AED 1200/month.

Why are most luxury cars leased?

When leasing a luxury vehicle, the vehicle doesn’t need maintenance and is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

What month is best to lease a car?

October to December is the best time of year to have good deals on car rental.

How does car leasing work in Dubai?

Choose the contract length and cost that suit you, which includes warranty, maintenance, and roadside assistance.

What are the conditions to rent a car in Dubai?

All that you need when renting a car in Dubai is a valid driver’s license, passport, and a deposit.

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